Capitola Packing & Storage Tips

Storing and packing possessions isn’t much fun, but the right process can save you time and money and prevent stress. We’ve provided some essential packing and moving tips to make storage and packing fast and easy.

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Storage Tips

When moving into a storage unit, it is important not to waste space. We want to help you be as organized as possible. Our team of experienced on-site managers is available to help answer your questions.

Important storage tips:

  • Use uniformly sized boxes to protect your goods
  • Plan around the amount of access you need to your unit
  • Store lightweight items near the back of the unit and heavier items near the front
  • Leave a small air space between the goods and the storage unit walls
  • Cover the entire load with a light plastic cover
  • Insure your goods while in storage and keep a list and descriptions of all possessions in storage

Pick the right size unit

Storage units aren’t all made equal, and JD Mini Storage has plenty of sizes from which to choose. Despite this, making the right choice the first time, before you begin the storage process, is extremely important. Finding out your unit is too small in the midst of filling it creates significant inconvenience, while a space that’s too large can cost you unnecessarily. Take careful stock of what you want to store and don’t be afraid to ask for opinions.


Packing Tips

JD Mini Storage is dedicated to the satisfaction of every client. That’s why we offer packing and storage tips to help you make the best use of your storage unit. Begin packing two to three days before moving and be careful to prevent breakage or loss of small and fragile items. You should also have corrugated cartons, packing paper, sealing tape, and a magic marker-type pen. When packing items such as books or heavy cartons, keep the weight to 30 pounds or less to make the boxes easier to lift.

Protect your items by packing carefully

When you’re prepping for long-term storage, it’s important to make sure your property is as ready as you are. Just tossing things into boxes runs the risk of damage over time, ruining your possessions. While packing, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Disassemble furniture like beds and tables
  • Wrap furniture legs with bubble wrap
  • Use pallets to keep your property off the floor
  • Individually wrap fragile items, like dishes
  • Defrost freezers and refrigerators fully and drain washing machines
  • Wipe down appliance interiors with baking soda to prevent odor
  • Seal bedding, draperies, and other fabric in vacuum bags
  • Pack books flat
  • Treat leather items to prevent cracks and tears

Create an inventory

If you’re storing a lot, the idea of keeping an inventory may seem daunting. However, failing to do so can create a lot of stress down the line. When you know exactly what you stored, you can alleviate significant pressure when attempting to retrieve items that may or may not be in storage. After all, no one wants to dig through a storage unit for hours in vain.

If you plan to store a lot of boxes, or a lot of items without a cohesive theme in one box, consider labeling boxes specifically with an itemized list of all contents.

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Pack vertically

Once your boxes are packed and your possessions are safely prepared, it may be tempting to toss everything in your unit as quickly as possible, but this isn’t wise. Instead, pack vertically. Larger, heavier items, like couches, large appliances, and mattresses, should be at the bottom of the unit while lighter units are packed on top. Make sure everything is stable and secure; over time, items that aren’t properly packaged may shift, break, or become hidden.

Also, consider putting lesser-used items you do not expect to need soon in the back of the unit.

Don’t store valuables

A storage unit may seem like the perfect place to keep valuables, but we generally recommend otherwise. While storage units at JD Mini Storage are extremely safe and protected, possessions that are valuable or sentimental are best kept on your property. Should you choose to keep valuables in a storage unit, be sure to purchase an insurance policy, choose a unit at a secure facility like JD Mini Storage, and consider extra steps, like temperature controls, to minimize the likelihood of loss.


At JD Mini Storage, we help you get the efficiency and organization you want. Our storage units are high quality and spacious, and you can rest assured that your possessions are secure. Get professional assistance with your storage needs.

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