Looking Back At Some Amazing Items That Have Been Found In Storage

Storage Treasure

Self-storage facilities offer secure shelter for your belongings. When you rent a storage unit in Capitola , your storage space will be convenient, safe, and easy to use. Whether you have extra items on your hands, or are transitioning for a move, a self-storage facility is a great choice for all of your storage needs. When you open the door of a storage container, you may find items ranging from household goods to unusual treasures. To highlight the versatility of a high quality storage unit, here is a look at some of the most amazing items that have been found in storage.

Storage Treasure

Aretha Franklin’s Wardrobe

Celebrities often have huge amounts of clothing, jewelry, and other treasured items. When a celebrity’s wardrobe can no longer be contained in his or her house, often these items will be placed in a storage unit . Recently, a storage unit in Michigan was found to contain some of the most iconic pieces from Aretha Franklin’s wardrobe.

Space Technology

The amazing items in storage units are not limited to pop culture. A secure and climate controlled storage unit also offers the ideal environment for housing delicate scientific equipment and technology. For example, NASA often houses its outdated space technology in storage. At a storage unit in Cape Canaveral, auction bidders found an old NASA rocket and countdown clock. These remarkable pieces of equipment were placed in storage after they were retired by the space program.

Forgotten Treasure

Once in a while, a storage unit may contain forgotten treasure. Recently, a man in San Jose purchased a storage unit at an auction for just over one thousand dollars. When he opened up his unit, he found close to a million dollars that had been left by an unknown person. If you are looking for a great place to store your own treasured items, you should consider renting a storage unit of your very own.