• Tips for Packing Books for Storage

    Books are among the easiest items to pack when you are moving into storage. With their regular shapes and sizes, books are perfect for placing in boxes. When packing for a self-storage facility, some people fall prey to the same common mistake. If you place all of your books in a large box, you will create an incredibly heavy box that is nearly impossible to lift. To ensure that you will have an easy time lifting and carrying your books into your student storage unit, you should pack your books in a series of small boxes. A high quality storage unit in Capitola can help you with all of your packing needs. For more tips for packing books for storage, watch this video from Moving and Packing Tips from Relocation.com.

    Avoid This 1 Weighty Mistake When Packing Your Books

  • Making the Most of Your Self-Storage Unit

    If you are in need of some extra space around your home, you may want to consider renting a storage unit. At a self-storage facility, you will be able to pack and organize your belongings in a way that suits your personal preferences. Self-storage units offer fantastic convenience and accessibility, and a carefully planned storage unit rental will allow you to easily manage all of your extra items. A storage facility near Capitola can provide you with all of the moving and storage services you need to get organized. To help you prepare for your storage unit rental, here are some tips for making the most of your self-storage unit. Self Storage by JD Mini Storage

    Decide What You Will Store

    The first step of making the most of your self-storage unit is to plan what you will store in advance. Before you choose your storage unit, it is a great idea to decide which items will be packed into boxes and which items will be kept out of storage. As you are packing, be sure to note which boxes you will need to access more often.

    Select a Properly Sized Unit

    Selecting a properly sized unit is another important step for making the most of your storage experience. After you have decided on what you will store, you will have a better idea of what size storage unit will best suit your needs. By choosing a storage unit that offers a bit of room to spare, you will be able to easily maneuver in the space.

    Arrange Items With Care

    On moving day, it is highly important to arrange your items with care as you are placing them in the storage unit. You may want to start by moving your largest items into the unit first. Then, you can arrange smaller boxes and items around the larger pieces. With these helpful tips, you will be sure to get the most out of your self-storage experience.