• Tips for Determining Which Items to Place in Storage

    Storage units can be used to house a wide variety of items. Whether you are cleaning out your apartment or moving to a new house, a storage unit can provide temporary or long-term protection for your belongings. Since your storage unit rental will provide you with a fixed amount of space, it is essential to carefully consider which items you will place in your unit. A storage facility near Capitola will offer you all of the storage services you need for your important items. To help you get ready for your upcoming move into storage, here are some tips for determine which items to place in your self-storage unit.

    Storage Facility in Capitola

    Consider Utility

    When you are deciding which items you will place in storage , you should consider their utility and function. If you use an item on a daily or even weekly basis, you should ideally keep it out of storage if possible. By contrast, clothing or other items that are used infrequently are ideal candidates for storage.

    Identify Value

    As you are choosing which items to place in storage, it is important to consider their value. Items of high monetary value will be fully protected in a secure storage facility. When you are storing items of high value, you should be sure to ask your storage facility about their security and surveillance service. A highly secure storage facility will provide you with total peace of mind when you place your valuable belonging in storage.

    Evaluate Size

    During the packing and moving process, size is another factor that you can use to determine which items to place in storage. During the moving process, you may want to place large or heavy items in storage until your move is complete. By carefully considering which items to store, you will get the most out of your storage unit rental.

  • A Guide to Packing Your Pots and Pans

    Moving or storing kitchen items, especially heavy pots, and pans, can be overwhelming if not approached systematically. After all, pots and pans are durable, so there’s little risk of damage in the move, but they’re awkwardly shaped and take up a lot of space. Follow this guide for practical strategies on how to pack pots and pans for moving or storage, ensuring the utmost safety and efficient use of space.

    Assemble Your Packing Supplies

    The first tip for how to pack heavy cookware is to gather your packing materials. Pots and pans require medium to large moving boxes lined with newspaper or brown paper. Only use large boxes if the pans are relatively lightweight or can be packed with other light items. Otherwise, your boxes may become too heavy to carry safely.

    Next, think about how you’ll protect your glass lids. The best options include packing paper, bubble wrap, or soft kitchen textiles. You should also be prepared to secure any loose parts with tape. Finally, don’t forget packing tape to seal the boxes and a permanent black marker to label them accordingly.

    Packing & Storage Tips in Capitola, CA

    How to Pack Pots and Pans in Boxes

    The secret to securely and efficiently packing your cookware lies in the method you use. Here’s a step-by-step guide on the best way to pack pots and pans for moving.

    Begin by placing slightly scrunched-up newspaper or brown paper at the bottom of a medium or large moving box. Wash your pots and pans to make sure they’re clean and ready to pack.

    Next, stack your pots and pans in groups of three, nesting smaller ones inside the larger ones. Fill the box with these nested groups, packing them in tightly. Wrap any loose parts and glass lids in packing paper, bubble wrap, kitchen towels, washcloths, or potholders. Tape loose parts to the inside of a pot, and pack the lids around the groupings to fill the empty space. You can also pack the lids separately if that works better for you.

    Fill any remaining gaps around the pots, pans, and lids with soft, moldable kitchen items like sponges, cleaning cloths, and towels to reduce the risk of shifting during the move. If space allows, lightweight pantry items can be added on top. Spices, dried beans, and other non-breakables work well here.

    Once everything is packed, seal the box with packing tape and write “Kitchen,” followed by a brief description of the contents. If the box contains fragile items, add “Fragile” and an arrow indicating which end is up.

    Use Trash Bags for Local Moves

    For shorter moves, heavy-duty garbage bags can be a practical alternative to packing pots and pans in boxes. This simplifies the packing and unpacking process significantly. Just be careful to cover sharp corners with bubble wrap and tape to prevent them from piercing the bag.

    If you’re using an opaque bag, create a label and attach it to the handles. Clear bags shouldn’t require labeling. After the move, empty the trash bags and feel free to reuse them for their original purpose.

    Time to Unpack? Choose JD Mini Storage

    Choosing where to store your belongings is just as important as how you pack them. JD Mini Storage has been providing safe and affordable storage solutions in the Capitola, CA, area for over 35 years.

    Our 10-foot-tall, ground-level storage units provide ample space for your kitchen items, with managers on-site six days a week for your peace of mind. We offer advanced security features and access to your unit from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, 365 days a year. With flexible rental terms, no minimum rental period required, and a range of billing and payment options, storing with JD Mini Storage is highly convenient. Contact us today at 831-440-7325 for storage unit availability, pricing, and answers to any questions you have.

  • Looking Back At Some Amazing Items That Have Been Found In Storage

    Self-storage facilities offer secure shelter for your belongings. When you rent a storage unit in Capitola, your storage space will be convenient, safe, and easy to use. Whether you have extra items on your hands, or are transitioning for a move, a self-storage facility is a great choice for all of your storage needs. When you open the door of a storage container, you may find items ranging from household goods to unusual treasures. To highlight the versatility of a high-quality storage unit, here is a look at some of the most amazing items that have been found in storage.

    Storage Treasure Found in Capitola

    Aretha Franklin’s Wardrobe

    Celebrities often have huge amounts of clothing, jewelry, and other treasured items. When a celebrity’s wardrobe can no longer be contained in his or her house, often these items will be placed in a storage unit. Recently, a storage unit in Michigan was found to contain some of the most iconic pieces from Aretha Franklin’s wardrobe.

    Space Technology

    The amazing items in storage units are not limited to pop culture. A secure and climate-controlled storage unit also offers the ideal environment for housing delicate scientific equipment and technology. For example, NASA often houses its outdated space technology in storage. At a storage unit in Cape Canaveral, auction bidders found an old NASA rocket and countdown clock. These remarkable pieces of equipment were placed in storage after they were retired by the space program.

    Forgotten Treasure

    Once in a while, a storage unit may contain forgotten treasure. Recently, a man in San Jose purchased a storage unit at an auction for just over one thousand dollars. When he opened up his unit, he found close to a million dollars that had been left by an unknown person. If you are looking for a great place to store your own treasured items, you should consider renting a storage unit of your very own.

  • A Look at the Facilities Offered by JD Mini Storage

    J D Mini Storage in Capitola When you are seeking a high-quality self-storage unit located in Capitola, look no further than JD Mini Storage. Our top-rated storage facility offers a terrific range of professional storage services that are sure to exceed your expectations. When you choose our storage facility , you will be provided with plenty of space and the best security features. All of our storage units feature 10-foot ceilings and 24-hour accessibility. Our secure storage facility also offers ground-level storage units for your convenience. To provide you with a smooth unloading and loading process, we have made sure that our storage units can be accessed by vehicles of any size. In order to ensure your total peace of mind, we have also equipped our entire storage facility with a high-tech security and alarm system. Our friendly team looks forward to assisting you with all of your storage needs.

  • Storage Solutions for College Students [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Going off to college means making new friends, taking exciting classes, and, of course, dealing with cramped living spaces. Many students find themselves struggling to adjust to sharing a small dorm room with a roommate or a tiny apartment with several other students. These set-ups can lead to a storage nightmare. What can you do with things you want to have nearby, but don’t have room for in your home? Renting a self-storage unit at a secure storage facility is the perfect solution. Storage units give students extra space to keep out-of-season clothing, furniture, and other items that they may need while at school but can’t bring into their current homes. This infographic from JD Mini Storage , a storage facility near Capitola, shows how students can use storage units to their advantage. Help your fellow college students solve storage dilemmas by sharing this storage unit advice with them.

    Storage for College Students in Capitola