• Renting a Storage Unit to Remove Clutter

    Some people like to have all the space they can afford, while others are more comfortable with a smaller living space. The drawback to smaller homes is that they get filled up with clutter more easily. If you love your small house but the clutter is getting hard to control, you might consider working with a storage rental company in Capitola, CA. You’ll have multiple storage options to choose from, and you can clear up your clutter without having to get rid of anything permanently. If you’re tired of all the clutter, read on and see how renting a storage unit can help.

    Clutter can be an annoyance, and for some people, it may be a source of anxiety. If you want to take back some of the space in your home but you don’t want to give your stuff away, then a storage unit may be the answer. You can take the things you don’t need on a regular basis to the storage rental unit and leave them there until you do need them again. This really comes in handy around the holidays, when you have seasonal decorations that only go up for a few weeks.

    Things for Christmas decoration in Capitola, CA

  • Dont’s for Moving Your Belonging into Storage

    You might be excited to get your things into your own storage unit in Capitola, CA so you can free up some space around the house, but don’t rush into the process and make thoughtless mistakes. People often put themselves at risk for injury, because they use improper lifting techniques that can hurt their backs. It’s also a good idea to research the storage rental company and make sure they’re right for you. Here’s more on what not to do so that you don’t make any common mistakes.

    Don’t Use the Wrong Moving Techniques Techniques to Lift heavy Objects in Capitola

    When it comes to the actual process of putting your things into your storage unit, you should know how to pack and lift your belongings correctly. It’s much easier to transport your belongings when they’re packed the right way, as they won’t shift around in their boxes or give you problems when you’re hauling stuff to and from the moving truck. Use boxes that were designed for moving, not old and broken boxes from your local grocery store. When you move a heavy piece of furniture, have a friend help you. If you can take on the load yourself, remember to keep your back straight and lift with your legs.

    Don’t Neglect to Research Your Storage Rental Company

    A storage unit could be exactly what you’re looking for, but the company you work with can make a big difference in your experience. There’s no reason to work with a company that you don’t trust. A small amount of research can go a long way, and simply checking out a storage rental company’s website can teach you a lot about them. Look at your options, and don’t work with a business that doesn’t make you comfortable.

    Don’t Stack Your Boxes Too Tall

    Your belongings should be just the way you left them when you come back to your storage unit. If you stack your boxes too high, they could crumble over time and end up falling over and destroying some of your stuff. Consider what’s in your boxes, and keep the stacking to a reasonable height.

  • JD Mini Storage: The Smart Choice for All Your Storage Needs

    Not all storage options in Capitola are the same. JD Mini Storage has distinguished itself during our three-plus decades of serving the community. When you choose our storage rental company, you’ll get superior customer service, and customized billing and payment options to suit your needs. Plus, there is no minimum stay required. We make it easy to save on your temporary storage needs. After your first month, we’ll give you a prorated refund if you move out before the end of the next month or any subsequent months.

    Our storage rentals are all ground units that are 10 feet tall, and are available in a range of sizes. You can access your unit 365 days per year, from seven in the morning to seven at night, every day. We secure your possessions with an electronic keypad access system, and our managers live onsite for your peace of mind. When you select your new storage rental, be sure to ask about our discounts for prepaying for long-term storage.

    Self-Storage Units in Capitola

  • Self-Storage Tips for College Students Heading Home for the Holidays

    College campuses can get pretty dull over long breaks. Most students prefer to go home for the holidays, but this can create some logistical challenges. College storage is a smart solution for students who prefer not to haul their belongings home for the winter break. If you’ll be switching dorm rooms after the break, you’re in off-campus housing and plan to sublet, or your dorm is being renovated over the break, consider renting a storage unit in Capitola.

    Sell some books.

    There are likely a few books you’ll keep from this past semester’s classes, but you probably don’t need to lug all of those heavy books into your storage rental. Plus, selling them back to the campus bookstore or to an online textbook hub will give you a little extra cash for books for the next semester.

    Store electronics carefully. Self-Storage Tips for College Students in Capitola, CA

    College storage units are an excellent way to keep your expensive electronics safe over the winter break. Even if you don’t plan to switch dorm rooms or sublet your off-campus apartment, it’s worth taking the extra precaution of storing electronics at a secure, off-campus location. Get some bubble wrap for your computer, monitor, printer, and music system to protect these items. Place these, along with all electrical cords, into a sturdy plastic bin before storing it.

    Keep clothes safe from moisture.

    Always launder your clothes before storing them. Make sure they are completely dry, and then wrap each item in acid-free tissue paper. Stack the clothing in plastic storage bins. You could add some mothballs to keep insects away, but some people prefer all-natural cedar.

    Clean out your mini-fridge.

    If you’re renting a mini-fridge with a two-semester rental agreement, it will need to be stored over the winter holidays. Unplug and defrost the fridge, and scrub it thoroughly. Remember to scrub the microwave, if you have a combination fridge/microwave unit. Slip a tray or towel underneath the entire unit, and leave the door open overnight. The next day, dump out any accumulated water underneath, and wipe down the unit to ensure it’s dry. Use heavy-duty tape to stick the coiled cord on the back of the unit. When you get the fridge to the storage unit, store it with the door open to allow air to circulate.

  • How to Pack Your Dishes, Glasses, and Stemware for Storage

    Temporary storage is a great solution for individuals who are downsizing or deploying overseas. After you find a storage rental company in Capitola, be sure to assemble the right sort of packing supplies for your items. You’ll need a dish box or two for breakable possessions, along with a few cell dividers and plenty of large sheets of packing paper.

    When you watch this featured video, you’ll see demonstrations of the best ways to pack your fragile items for self-storage. First, watch as this packing expert wraps three plates together, separated by a sleeve of packing paper. The same technique can be used for bowls. Wrap all of your glasses and mugs individually. For your stemware, use a folded, long piece of packing paper for the stem, and then another piece to wrap the entire item.