• A Student’s Guide for Heading Back to School

    As the summer season winds to a close, many students are gearing up to head back to college for the year. When you are getting ready for the start of the school year, you will want to make sure that you are settled in to your dorm or student housing. One great way to prepare for your back to school packing and unpacking is to rent a storage unit . Temporary storage near Capitola will provide you with a secure spot to store your boxes and belongings while you get ready for the start of the upcoming school year.

    A storage unit facility near your college will be sure to offer student storage unit rentals at affordable prices. Whether you are seeking a facility to house your items for the duration of the school year, or you simply need temporary storage, your student storage experts will be there to assist you with all of your storage needs.

    Storage units for schools in Capitola, CA

  • Tips to Choose the Right Storage Space for You

    When choosing your next storage unit near Capitola, CA, there are a few factors to consider so you can get the right space to hold your possessions. Determining the storage unit size you will need and how long you will need it are key decisions that will influence what will be the right storage space for you. Secured & spacious storage facility in Capitola, CA

    Choose the Correct Size

    One of the most important factors when choosing the right storage unit is determining what you wish to store. Once you know what you want to store and how much space it will take, you can figure out the correct size storage unit you will need. Most units will have a uniform height, usually 10ft or higher, but the width and length may change. Many storage rental companies have a formula that can help customers determine the size unit they will need in relation to how much space their possessions normally take up. To be on the safe side, you should rent a unit that is larger than you think you will need. This will save you time, money, and frustration.

    Decide on the Length of Time

    Deciding on how long you will need your storage unit can influence a couple different aspects of your storage unit experience. Your billing arrangement with the storage rental company may change depending on your contract length. You may also wish to store your items differently depending on how long they will be in storage. For example, if you are storing long-term, you will want to create a defined pathway so you can easily reach all of your items.

    Determine the Level of Security You Need

    Not all storage rental companies are created equal, especially when it comes to security measures for their tenants’ possessions. Choosing a storage space should be influenced by the amount and type of security the facility has to offer. Look for a facility with a dedicated staff that has an immediate concern for their tenants’ safety and security of possessions.

  • What Pests Look For to Build Nests

    Though storage facilities are meant to store and protect your items, annoying pests can enter a storage unit and wreak havoc. These pests, usually rodents and bugs, will enter a storage unit and start looking for items to build their nests. You may think many of the items in your storage unit near Capitola, CA are protected, but you might be surprised by what a pest can use when building nests. Products to Build Storage Unit in Capitola

    Paper Products

    Since rodents can gnaw through almost anything, paper products are some of the easiest materials they can use to build their nests. Any paper materials you might have—files, packing paper, etc.—should be in a sealed and airtight container. This will help deter rodents from nesting in your storage unit. Instead of packing dishes or clothes in cardboard boxes, use plastic containers with tight seals on them. Mice cannot chew through these containers, and the containers make for easier stacking and storage.

    Wooden Furniture

    Many people are surprised to hear that rats and mice can destroy wooden furniture easily. Rats can gnaw through the legs on a wooden table or couch in no time. As rodents gnaw and strip your wooden furniture, they will take the material to the nest they are building in your storage unit or storage facility. Wrap your wooden furniture in thick plastic wrap, and seal it as well as you can. This will make it difficult for rodents to access your furniture, and it will protect the furniture from rat droppings and urine.

    Upholstery and Clothes

    If paper products are easy for rodents to tear apart, then fabrics are just as easy to shred. Keep your clothes and drapes in sealed, plastic containers. Make sure your upholstery, such as couches and chairs, is covered in thick, plastic wrapping. If you have any other fabric materials in your self-storage unit, then do whatever is necessary to seal them away from pests and rodents. If you suspect you have a rodent or pest problem, consider using a no-kill trap or repellant to keep unwanted pests away from your storage unit.

  • Packing Clothing for Storage


    After you have decided which clothes will go in your storage unit, it is time to start packing them up. By planning ahead, you can save yourself a lot of stress and time before heading to your self-storage unit in Santa Cruz, CA.

    Watch this video for some great tips on packing and securing your clothes for a trip to your storage unit rental. Wardrobe boxes will be your best friend when packing hanging clothes. These boxes can hold about 2 feet of closet space. As long as you seal the box against moisture, your clothes should be completely protected. Folded clothes can stay in their dresser drawers, but for an extended time in a storage unit, you may prefer to box them up. Lay packing paper between each layer of clothes, as well as in the bottom and top of the box. Do not forget to label all of your boxes.

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