• Tips and Tricks for Downsizing

    A storage unit rental in Santa Cruz can provide you with space and security while you prepare to downsize your home. This short video will provide you with tips and tricks to keep in mind when you are downsizing. As you downsize your living space, you will want to make sure that you have quality packing materials on hand. Additionally, you can get organized to pack by making decisions about the items that you will keep, donate, or toss.

    To ease your stress as you downsize, you may want to rent a storage unit. A storage unit facility can provide you with the storage options that you need to organize and protect your belongings during a move. Your storage rental company can provide you with more packing and moving ideas.

  • Tips For Protecting Your Items in Storage

    Whether you are downsizing your home, or are planning on moving to a new property, renting a storage unit will provide you with peace of mind. A storage rental company in Capitola will offer temporary storage units that are designed to keep your boxes and belongings safe and secure. To ensure that your items are fully protected when they are placed in your storage unit, you may want to take additional precautions when you are packing up and planning for your move. Here is an overview of some helpful tips for protecting your items when they are in storage. Protect Your Items In Storage in Capitola, CA

    Use quality packing materials.

    As you are packing up your boxes, it is a terrific idea to use quality packing materials that are designed to protect your items from damage. Fragile items should be wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap and gently placed in their boxes. Other objects, such as books or clothing, may need to be wrapped in plastic to avoid wear during long-term storage. Packing materials, such as foam peanuts, can also be used as you are preparing each box.

    Wrap important possessions.

    If an item is too large to be placed in a box, it will still need to be wrapped in some way. Large pieces of furniture and other items can become damaged if they are not carefully wrapped in shipping blankets or plastic. Any objects that have sharp corners should also be protected with shipping tape, bubble wrap, or news print.

    Consider taking out insurance.

    Many insurance companies offer policies for items that are placed into storage. When you decide to store valuable possessions, you may want to talk to your insurance agent about the possibility of taking out a storage insurance plan. By covering your stored items with an insurance policy, you can rest assured that you will be reimbursed in the event that your possessions become accidentally damaged during the move. Your insurance company may need to appraise your belongings before the insurance policy is finalized.

  • What Size Storage Unit Do You Need?

    Putting some of your belongings into a storage unit can provide you with many benefits. However, to get the most out of your storage rental near Capitola, CA, it’s essential that you select the right unit size for your needs. Choosing one that’s too small can leave you with too little space or an overstuffed unit, and a space that’s too big will be wasted space for which you have to pay. Use these tips to determine the best storage unit size for your needs: Storage rental units in Capitola, CA

    Make a List

    The first step in determining the best storage rental size for your belongings is to make a list of everything that you plan to store. Next, take the time to evaluate any areas of your property where you have anything stored. There may be more items that you could benefit from packing away, and it’s best to identify these possessions before you start moving anything into storage. Finally, stop and think ahead. You may have belongings currently in use that you won’t need in a few months, such as sporting gear, seasonal clothing, or holiday décor. Add anything that you may wish to put in storage to your list.

    Make a Map

    With your list in hand, you can begin to estimate how much space you’ll need to store everything. If you’re planning to store anything large or bulky, such as furniture, athletic equipment, or appliances, take the time to measure these items and create a diagram of their position in your storage unit. Not only will this process help you determine what size rental you need, but it will also allow you to create a plan for storing your belongings in a way that is simple and efficient.

    Make a Decision

    At this point, you should be able to narrow down your choices for the best unit size for your needs. The following is a list of commonly found storage rental sizes:

    • 5×5
    • 5×10
    • 10×5
    • 5×15
    • 10×10
    • 10×15
    • 10×20

  • Preparing for Moving Day


    Whether you’re moving across town or the country, the process requires planning if you want it to go smoothly. In addition to finding mobile storage near Santa Cruz, CA for your upcoming move, it’s also a good idea to learn what items should not go into your moving boxes. Watch this video for tips on preparing for a moving day that’s both safe and smart.

    As you begin your packing, keep in mind that some of your belongings cannot or should not be packed. Such items fall into 4 categories:

    • Dangerous: nail polish remover, paint, paint thinners, gasoline
    • Perishable: animals, live plants, fresh food
    • Special: exercise equipment, some appliances, heavy electronics
    • Valuable: passports, jewelry, financial statements, medical records

    These are just a few examples of items that you shouldn’t pack. To find out more, ask your moving company for a list of what shouldn’t go into your moving boxes.