• The College Student’s Guide to Self-Storage

    If you are a college student right now who lives on your school’s campus, you know how difficult it can be to pick up all of your belongings at the end of the school year and take them home. By using a self-storage facility, you won’t have to worry about doing this anymore. Student storage near Capitola makes it easy for you to keep your personal possessions safe and secure during the summertime when school is out. Here’s why you should consider using student storage. College Student's Guide to Self-Storage in Capitola

    You will save money.

    In order to move all of your belongings from your school back home, you likely need to rent a moving truck or spend a lot of time making trips back and forth between your school and home. When you utilize a self-storage facility, you will be able to cut the cost of renting a truck and save yourself quite a bit of time in the process. You can gradually move items into your storage unit rental and access them whenever you need to.

    You will keep your belongings safe.

    There are some students who might be skeptical about using a storage unit to store their belongings. Will those belongings be safe? The answer to that question is an emphatic “Yes!” When you place your items into a self-storage facility, you will not have to worry about anything happening to them. In fact, they will likely be even safer than they would be if they were located in your home since self-storage facilities take extra security measures to keep storage units safe.

    Your parents will thank you.

    Your parents love to see you walk through their front door at the end of the school year, but they don’t love all of the stuff that you bring along with you. When you bring your belongings home from school, your parents need to find somewhere to put all of it. When you rent a storage unit, you can keep your things out of their house and minimize the impact you have on your parents when you come home from school.

  • What to Ask While Renting a Storage Unit

    Renting a storage unit is a great way to free up space in your home and keep all of your personal possessions safe and secure. Before you start looking for a storage unit rental in Santa Cruz, though, you should do your homework so that you find one that meets your needs. You’re going to want to ask about everything from the cost of units to the security that is provided for them. Here are just a few questions you should ask self-storage facilities that you might be interested in using. Storage units for rents in Santa Cruz

    What size storage units are available?

    The storage unit that you rent should be able to hold everything that you plan on storing. This means that, if you want to store all of the furniture that is in your home during a move, you should be able to do it. Prior to renting a storage unit, ask around and find a self-storage facility that offers all different sized storage units. Then, come up with a list of everything that you want to store and choose the size that will ultimately work best for you.

    Are there security measures in place for the storage facility?

    Whether you are storing very expensive items or items that have sentimental value to you, you want to make sure that they are safe when you place them into your storage unit. Therefore, you should find a secure storage facility that takes extra security measures to protect all of the storage units on the property. The facility doesn’t necessarily need a high-tech system in place, but it should have managers that live onsite and keep an eye on everything that happens at the facility.

    How much will it cost to rent a storage unit?

    While cost shouldn’t be your only concern, you obviously don’t want to break the bank renting a storage unit. Create a budget for your storage needs and then stick to it when you start looking around at storage units.

  • Planning Your Move to Storage


    If you are planning to visit a secure storage facility and rent a high quality storage unit in Santa Cruz, there are a few packing tips to consider first. Watch this video to find out more about how to pack your belongings for storage .

    The video begins by advising you to pack heavier items, such as books, in smaller boxes. Lighter items, such as clothes, can be packed in larger boxes. The presenter suggests stacking heavier boxes on the bottom of each pile, with lighter ones on top. It’s important to make sure that the boxes are securely stacked. The video suggests fitting plastic or metal shelves into your storage unit. This will make it easier for you to access individual boxes. The presenter also reminds viewers of the importance of carefully labeling each box. It can be useful to know the precise location of specific items or categories of items when looking around your storage unit.

  • Preparing Your Belongings for Storage

    There are many situations in which you might chose to place some of your possessions in storage. Perhaps you are moving house or are temporarily living in a small property. You may be sentimentally attached to certain bulky items, such as heirloom furniture, which you do not have room for in your current home. If you are planning to seek out professional storage services near Santa Cruz , you will first need to pack up your belongings. Packing carefully is key, if you wish your belongings to remain in excellent condition while they are in storage. Moving & Packing Boxes in Capitola

    Sort and Categorize Your Belongings

    Decide which items you may need to access more frequently so you’ll be able to place these toward the front of the storage unit. Make sure they are not buried underneath a stack of other boxes. Separate out fragile items and take special care in packing them. Think about how best to store bulky or awkwardly shaped items, which will not fit easily into boxes. The management team at a reputable storage facility should be able to offer advice on packing these items.

    Choose Your Packing Materials

    Pack your belongings in plastic or cardboard boxes. You should never use plastic bags as some plastic bags can degrade over time and leave their contents exposed to moisture. Use standard-sized packing boxes, if possible. Most storage units are designed to house a specific number of boxes. Using standard-sized boxes will make it easier to estimate the size of storage unit you will need. If the boxes are different sizes, it will be more difficult to stack them evenly. Use bubble wrap or quilts to cushion fragile items. If in doubt, ask the staff at the self-storage facility for advice.

    Select the Right Size Storage Unit

    You’ll need to count the number of boxes you have packed and measure any non-boxed items in order to estimate the size of storage unit you will need. The self-storage company may be able to offer guidance on this. Your belongings should fit snugly inside the storage unit you choose.