Packing Fragile Items

When packing glassware, dishes, and other fragile items, take extra care to ensure these items are not damaged or destroyed in transit or while sitting in your Capitola self-storage unit . To pack fragile items like the pros, start by layering a compact box with packing peanuts. Next, wrap each fragile item individually in bubble wrap. Fill up any empty space in the box with crumped newspaper or packing paper. Finally, seal the box with packing tape and mark the box “fragile”. Watch this video to see these steps in action.

How To Pack and Move Fragile Items

Visit your local storage facility in Capitola to find all of the materials you need to safely pack and store your fragile items. An experienced storage facility manager can give you additional tips and tricks to make sure your items arrive at the self-storage unit in perfect condition—or at least the same condition they were when you packed them.

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