Self-Storage 101

A storage facility is an invaluable resource if you have extra furniture or other items on your hands. By choosing to move your belongings into a storage unit , you will free up additional space in your home or office. A facility offering self-storage units in Capitola, Santa Cruz can help you select the right storage unit rental for your needs. When you choose a storage unit that offers the proper amount of space and security, you can feel great knowing that your items are properly housed and protected. To highlight the benefits of self storage, here is a look at some important information about this industry.

Self-Storage 101

The History of Self-Storage

The storage industry can trace its roots back to the 1850s, when banks in England began providing storage facilities for travellers who were planning on spending extended periods abroad. These facilities were constructed specifically to protect household goods and other items. A century later, in the 1950s, self-storage became a predominant industry in the United States. Today, self-storage is a very popular option for anyone who is need of extra space.

Defining Self-Storage

Self-storage is defined as any location that offers monthly rentals where customers can house their goods and belongings. One of the primary characteristics of self-storage is that this type of storage allows renters to maintain access and control over their items. Many self-storage facilities offer various floor plans, and also provide climate controlled units. In addition, a self-storage facility will be secured through locks and other security measures.

Choosing a Self-Storage Unit

When you decide to move your belongings into self-storage, you will have several factors to consider. First, you will need to find a storage facility that is conveniently located in your local area. In addition, you should also make sure that your storage unit offers plenty of space for all of your belongings. Finally, you should ask your storage facility about the types of security and climate control services that they offer. By doing your research, you can find the perfect storage space for your needs.

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