Setting Up Easy Access to Your Belongings in Storage

Woman Labeling Boxes

If you are going to need to access the items that you place into a storage facility on a regular basis, you should plan accordingly for it. By labeling all of your packing boxes properly and keeping your storage unit organized, you won’t have any trouble locating items. JD Mini Storage can provide you with a high-quality storage unit in Santa Cruz and show you how to keep it organized.

Before you move any items into your storage facility, you should pack them up in sturdy boxes and label them so that you know what is inside each of them. You should also map out where you are going to place your boxes in your self-storage unit. Items that you need more often should go in the front of the storage unit while heavy boxes, furniture, and items that you won’t need to access often should go in the back. By arranging everything like this, you won’t have any issues getting to things later. JD Mini Storage will make sure your storage unit rental is large enough so that you have plenty of space to store everything that you plan on keeping in it.

A Woman Labeling the Box in Capitola