What College Students Need to Know About Storage

A girl packing her Items

Being a student often involves living in shared accommodation, with only a limited amount of space to store belongings. Small dorm rooms can quickly fill up with items that are rarely used. As a student, you may also have to change housing frequently. Renting student storage near Santa Cruz can provide a practical solution. A self-storage unit can be a convenient place to store furniture and other personal items during summer break. This can save you from having to transport heavy goods across the country to your family’s home and back. A self-storage unit can also serve as a useful place to keep clothing that is not in season, textbooks that will not be needed until a future semester, and other items that are not currently being used. Keep in mind the following when choosing a storage unit. Student packing their Items in Capitola, CA

Pack Carefully

Protect your clothes, books, and other possessions from damage by storing them in airtight or vacuum-sealed bags. If you are storing a small fridge, keep the door propped open to prevent the growth of anaerobic molds and mildews. Never store perishable food items, firearms, explosives, fireworks, or any other potentially dangerous items, or illegal substances.

Look for a Secure Facility

Choose a facility in a safe part of town, with excellent security. There should be security cameras, on-site staff, and a perimeter fence. Both the facility itself and the individual units should be locked. A reputable facility will generally have electronic keypad access or distribute keys to renters. As an additional security precaution, you may be asked to provide ID. Check the opening hours of the facility to make sure that you will have access to your belongings if and when you need them.

Compare Rates

Many storage facilities offer discounts for mini storage units. Check to see whether you will need to pay a deposit and also enquire about any late fees.