Packing Materials To Put Your Items Into Storage

Cardboard Boxes

Whether you are moving or using a self-storage unit in Santa Cruz, CA, there are certain packing materials that will make your packing experience run much smoother . During a bumpy move and even sitting in a storage unit, your possessions should be as protected as possible against damage. Here are the main packing materials you will need when putting your items into storage: Cardboard Boxes

Plastic Containers or Cardboard Boxes

The container you use for your items may depend on how long you plan to use your storage unit. To fully protect your clothes, dishes, and personal possessions, consider using sealed, plastic containers. These are easily stackable and will protect your possessions against pests, flooding, or other unexpected accidents. If you anticipate taking items out of storage within a few weeks or months, you may prefer to use cardboard boxes that can be easily broken down and discarded.

Packing Paper or Bubble Wrap

You should always have packing paper to protect your fragile possessions, like dishes and glasses. If you have very fragile items, such as delicate crystal glass, then consider purchasing bubble wrap. It is smart to have packing paper available to separate less fragile items, such as lamp shades and hanging art. Some products may have vibrant dyes that can be transferred to other products unless there is a barrier between them. Plan on wrapping all of your items individually to keep them protected during their time in storage.

Plastic Wrapping

Plastic wrap is something you should use to protect your larger items. Furniture, rugs, and mattresses should have some sort of plastic wrapping. This will protect them from potential pests and dust or moisture in your storage unit. Some items, like custom wall art or decorations, may require different storage options, such as a climate-controlled unit. Depending on what the item is and how it is made, plastic wrapping may cause moisture where there should be none. When in doubt, ask your professional storage services about how certain items should be stored.