Guidelines for Packing Storage Boxes

Packing Supplies for storage

If you want to make the most of your storage unit rental in Capitola , you should take the time to properly pack all of your boxes. Use the following guidelines to properly pack the boxes that you plan to put into your storage unit:

Materials to Pack Boxes in Capitola

Get a Few Different Sizes of Boxes

When it comes to packing, every box is not created equally. You should put heavier items like books into smaller boxes so they are easy to carry. Put light items like pillows or clothing into larger boxes. When you use the right size boxes for your belongings, it makes it much easier to move your cartons around in the storage unit. When you put the boxes into storage, do not place heavy items on top of lighter boxes.

Try to Place Similar Items Together

It will be easier to keep your storage unit organized if you place similar items into the same box. If you are storing items from a few different rooms, for example, place the kitchen items into one box and the bedroom items into a different box.

Make a Master List

You should always create a master list for your boxes so you know exactly where everything is. Label each box with a number or a letter and create a list that describes everything that is packed into a specific box. Whether you have five boxes or fifty, this system makes it easy to keep your storage unit organized so it can be as efficient as possible. Write “fragile” on any boxes that have breakables so anyone who moves them knows to be careful.

Use Helpful Packing Materials

Packing materials help you pack your boxes more efficiently. You can use packing paper or bubble wrap to protect fragile items. You can also use these materials to fill in any extra spaces in the boxes so your items do not shift around inside. Packing tape helps you secure the cartons so the boxes do not open when you move them.