Preserving Paper Documents in Storage

Preserving Paper Documents in Storage

While digital documents may be backed up in several different locations and formats, original printed copies are more difficult to preserve. If you are planning on using a storage facility in Capitola during your next move or you are looking for a safe place to keep these documents, it is important to look into the facility beforehand. This will allow you to find a high quality storage unit that will keep your documents protected. Keep reading for tips for preserving paper documents in storage. Preserving Paper Documents in Storage

Temperature and Climate

There are many steps you can take to ensure that your paper documents are taken care of while in storage, and the specific storage facility that you choose may be among the most important. Your documents will be best preserved when they are stored at the same room temperature that is comfortable for humans, which is somewhere between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit . The humidity level of the storage unit should also be about 40 to 50 percent. A storage facility that controls its climate and temperature can prevent your documents from becoming discolored or succumbing to mold growth throughout its time in the facility.


People bring their paper documents to storage facilities in order to keep them safe and ensure their longevity. A storage facility that is not secure, however, cannot hope to accomplish this feat. Do some research on your storage facility before dropping off your paper documents to make sure that they will do what they can to keep them protected. Your storage unit should be fenced or gated in, and each tenant should have his or her own code. Some facilities have managers live on site, which can also contribute to the security level of the units.

Storing Method

You can ensure that your documents will last as long as possible by keeping them protected from light, dust, and moisture. Consider using a box, folder, or portfolio and make sure that the material will not react with the paper. Storing documents in a folder and then storing the folder in a box is ideal for important or valuable documents.