Essential Tips for Storing Your Vehicle

Tips for Storing the Vehicle

If you own a vehicle which you rarely drive, it is advisable to seek out a self-storage facility in Capitola. If you leave a car parked in a driveway for a long period of time, it can sustain various kinds of damage. Paintwork can chip or fade, the rubber in the tires could break down, any metal bodywork will probably rust over time, and vinyl seating can crack. In addition, there may be less visible damage. Engines and brake pads can cease to function properly after a long period of disuse. If the vehicle has been exposed to ice, snow, or road chemicals such as sand, salt, and magnesium chloride, it could also suffer considerable damage due to corrosion. A self-storage facility can help maintain your car’s condition! Tips for Storing your Vehicle in Capitola

Keep the Car Clean and Dry

The best environment for vehicle storage is a clean and dry indoor space, such as a secure storage facility. If you do not have suitable garage space, a self-storage facility may be able to provide a good solution. You should keep the car itself clean, too. If possible, drive the vehicle at regular intervals, or hire someone to do so on your behalf.

Keep Fluids Fresh and Topped Up

Before placing your vehicle in storage, ensure that your gas tank is mostly full to minimize the amount of air space. Air can cause damage and corrosion. Consider purchasing a fuel stabilizer, as this can help prevent the gasoline in the tank from breaking down, which can damage both the fuel line and the engine itself. Perform regular oil changes. Over time, oil can break down into potentially damaging compounds. Remove the spark plugs and pour oil into the cylinder housings.

Take Additional Safety Measures

If you are leaving the car for a long period of time, there are some additional measures you should take. Remove the battery and the windscreen wipers. Consider placing the car on jacks and adding extra pressure to the tires. Have the paintwork carefully waxed. Seal up any entrances where mice, squirrels, or rats might enter, and distribute mothballs and vermin deterrents around the vehicle.