How to Prepare for Moving Out

Tips for Move Out Day

Before moving day arrives, there are a few tips and tasks to help you prepare for a stress-free move to your new house and storage unit. These tasks include labeling your packed boxes, and determining which items will go to your house or temporary storage in Capitola, CA.

Watch the video for even more tips on preparing for your moving day. Unplug appliances the day before your movers arrive. Make sure the air conditioner, furnace, and security systems have been turned off. Clearly label boxes by the room or storage unit they belong in. Separate items meant for temporary storage and those meant for long-term storage or to be moved to the new house. Label rooms, cabinets, and drawers as they are emptied and packed so you do not have to look in the same area multiple times.

Preparing for Move Out Day – Tips from United Van Lines