Choosing Which Items to Put into Storage This Season

Hardwood Boxes

Having a storage unit to use year-round is a great way to change with the seasons without your house becoming cluttered. As winter approaches, your storage unit rental in Santa Cruz, CA can house your gardening tools, beach and pool gear, and various other items that you will not need for the winter. Let’s take a closer look at some items that should be in your storage unit this coming season. Hardwood Boxes by JD Mini Storage

Gardening Items

With the weather becoming colder, your garden is likely to become dormant for the next several months. Instead of letting your shovels, hedge trimmers, and lawnmower clutter up your home or garage, store your gardening tools in your storage unit. They will be better protected against winter weather, and your home will not be as cluttered.

Seasonal Items

As summer wanes and winter begins, your swimsuits and shorts are soon going to be replaced by scarves and jeans. Just as you have used your storage unit for winter clothes, you can use it to store your summer clothes. You can also store other seasonal items, such as pool toys, barbecue grills, and lawn chairs. Any items you only use during the summer should be in your storage rental soon.

Rarely Used Items

No matter the season, you should take stock of the various items in your house and yard that you rarely use. These might be water-skis that you only use once or twice a year. You may have various decorations that you put out for a month before they go back into storage. It is items like these that should go into your storage unit this season.

Expensive Items

You may also wish to use your storage unit for any recent expensive or fragile items you have acquired. These items might be heirlooms, artwork, or other important possessions that should be kept in a safe and secure area. Instead of keeping these items around your home, where they can easily be broken, take your expensive and fragile possessions to your storage unit rental.