Preparing for Moving Day

Things to avoid on Moving Day


Whether you’re moving across town or the country, the process requires planning if you want it to go smoothly. In addition to finding mobile storage near Santa Cruz, CA for your upcoming move, it’s also a good idea to learn what items should not go into your moving boxes. Watch this video for tips on preparing for a moving day that’s both safe and smart.

As you begin your packing, keep in mind that some of your belongings cannot or should not be packed. Such items fall into 4 categories:

  • Dangerous: nail polish remover, paint, paint thinners, gasoline
  • Perishable: animals, live plants, fresh food
  • Special: exercise equipment, some appliances, heavy electronics
  • Valuable: passports, jewelry, financial statements, medical records

These are just a few examples of items that you shouldn’t pack. To find out more, ask your moving company for a list of what shouldn’t go into your moving boxes.