Steps to Take When Downsizing Your Belongings

Steps to Downsize the Belongings

Whether you are moving to a smaller home, or simply organizing your current home, downsizing your belongings is a necessary step. Downsizing, by utilizing scanning technology and temporary storage in Santa Cruz, CA, can help free up much-needed space around your home. You can also take advantage of this process to better organize your home and place important paperwork in a storage rental . Let’s take a closer look at the steps to take when downsizing. Storage Rentals in Capitola, CA

Begin Planning Immediately

The key to moving or downsizing is to have a clear plan of action. This plan should include a breakdown of every room’s belongings and their level of importance. This breakdown will help you to determine which items can stay, which should be donated, and which should be stored in a storage unit rental.

Consider Digitizing

If there are certain papers, photographs, and other files that you do not want to permanently part with, then consider placing them in self-storage and digitizing them. By scanning your important files—tax records, mortgage information, and business records—you can clear up multiple file cabinets, cluttered stacks of paper, and other random pieces of paper you want to keep. If you have records or photographs you need to keep physical copies of, then place them in a storage unit rental in secure plastic containers.

Give Items Away

When you go through your belongings room by room, make a separate pile for items you wish to donate or give away to family. To truly downsize, consider donating or selling old and unused furniture and appliances. By removing furniture, you will free up a lot of square footage. This will help you to organize better when you choose to move to a smaller home.

Utilize Storage Nearby

There are going to be items that have sentimental meaning, or furniture that has not sold yet, during your downsizing process. No matter the reason, it is crucial that you take advantage of nearby storage rentals. There are different unit sizes to choose from, and you will have easy access to your items whenever you need.