How to Pack Your Dishes, Glasses, and Stemware for Storage

Packing Dishes, Glasses and Stemware

Temporary storage is a great solution for individuals who are downsizing or deploying overseas. After you find a storage rental company in Capitola, be sure to assemble the right sort of packing supplies for your items. You’ll need a dish box or two for breakable possessions, along with a few cell dividers and plenty of large sheets of packing paper.

When you watch this featured video, you’ll see demonstrations of the best ways to pack your fragile items for self-storage. First, watch as this packing expert wraps three plates together, separated by a sleeve of packing paper. The same technique can be used for bowls. Wrap all of your glasses and mugs individually. For your stemware, use a folded, long piece of packing paper for the stem, and then another piece to wrap the entire item.