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What to Leave Out of Your Storage Unit

You can store all kinds of materials in your storage unit in Santa Cruz, CA, but there are some things you should take steps to keep out. Pests can be especially troublesome, and they can damage your belongings with their habits as well as their droppings. They are not the only organisms that should be kept out of the storage unit, however; it is no place for pets or plants, either. Certain materials can also be dangerous to keep in your storage unit, so you will want to avoid these as well. Here is a look at what to leave out of your storage unit. storage - unit


When you leave your belongings in a storage unit, the last thing you want to find when you return is a pest infestation. Whether it’s rats, ants, or cockroaches, a pest problem can be unsightly, unhealthy, and plain disturbing. If you want to make sure you do not run into this kind of issue and have to deal with damaged belongings, think about the way you pack. Airtight bins and boxes with tight seals can keep pests out and your belongings safe; eliminating sources of food and water can also make your storage unit less appealing to critters.

Living Organisms

Whether it is a plant or an animal, it should not be living in your storage unit. It can be nearly impossible to take care of a plant if it is stored away, and it is not likely to survive long enough for you to come back for it. Keeping an animal in a storage unit is cruel and dangerous, and it is even against the law. Make sure you know what you can and cannot keep in your storage unit.

Dangerous Materials

You need to be careful with certain types of materials, and leaving them in a storage unit is not the way to do so. If you have any type of toxic materials, never store them inside your storage unit. This may include herbicides, fertilizers, household cleaners, or anything with lead in it. Talk to your pro if you are unsure if something should be stored.

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